Occupational Therapy in Schools

Every child deserves the support they need no matter what issues or challenges they face. We use a child-focused approach to assist children on every point of the educational spectrum.

Kate Meads Associates work in both mainstream and specialist schools. We work with those who don’t necessarily have a formal diagnosis but are experiencing difficulties. We also help children with formal diagnoses such as autistic spectrum disorders, global developmental delay and dyspraxia. By providing occupational therapy in schools, we can help pupils embark on their education with as little disruption as possible.

We don’t just focus on the difficulty – we look at the child as a whole using our expertise when providing occupational therapy in schools. This allows us to develop a tailored plan specific to that child’s needs.

Our specialist areas include:

Integrated Approach

When providing occupational therapy in schools, we work and communicate closely with teachers, families and carers to provide treatments, guidance and training to ensure a child-centred approach. This enables the child to fully engage in the learning process with fewer disruptions to their education.

Developing Skills

We develop and implement personalised programmes to optimise a child’s functional capacity in all areas including motor function, oral and hand function, sensory regulation and visual and perceptual abilities.

Equipment & Environment

We create a dynamic therapeutic environment by identifying equipment to aid a child’s learning and establishing daily routines to transform their educational experience.

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