At KMA we understand that children and young people can have complex social, learning and developmental needs. These may be the result of one or more underlying health conditions, disabilities or trauma.

We see children who were born too early and have the long-term consequences of prematurity; to those who have an inherited medical condition, developmental delays, a chronic illness or those who sustain trauma, or a life changing injury. We also see children who have dual or multiple diagnoses; whether these be physical, mental and/or developmental concerns.

Children who have experienced deprivation, neglect or abuse in their formative years also present to us with complex sensory, emotional, physical and learning challenges.

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How can KMA help?


As Occupational Therapists at KMA, our focus is on supporting occupation (the everyday activities of family life, play and learning) and participation. We provide a child-centred and family-centred service using strengths-based approaches.

We use a range of standardised tests and assessments which are specifically designed for use with children. Assessments can be carried out to:

  • help determine medical, developmental or educational diagnosis (in co-operation with other relevant professionals)
  • document developmental, functional and participation status
  • plan intervention programmes
  • measure progress and outcomes


Intervention programmes can be developed to improve motor learning and movement skills, mobility, hand dexterity and fine motor skills, prewriting and handwriting skills, sensory integration, cognitive interventions, social skills, and social participation, challenging behaviours, activities of daily living, sleep, rest, feeding and play.

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