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Equimentus Executive Services

Equimentus Executive Services are for the achievers of the world who are stressed, out of kilter, or whom are just simply aware that things are not quite right. We work with senior professionals to support, encourage and maximise wellbeing, performance and potential. We bridge the traditional divide between the disciplines of occupational health and personal development.


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  • Sleeping less, not feeling refreshed when you wake
  • Eating and drinking more or have less of an appetite
  • Irritated by things that you would have previously ignored
  • Feeling continuously stressed out
  • You have very high expectations of yourself which you feel you are not meeting

Equimentus Executive Services will work with you to support, encourage and maximise your performance and potential within your professional role. We also take into account all the facets of your life and the impact that they have on your day to day functioning at both home and work.


As Occupational Therapists, our highly experienced team are dual trained in both physical and mental health, so that we can look at you as a whole. We hold a unique perspective on the optimal performance of day to day tasks and we are experts in function. We take a work-focused approach, which means that we have a sound understanding of the impact of work on health and health on work. Client confidentiality and integrity are paramount to us at Equimentus and each one of us always works: With Success in Mind.

Kate Meads, Founder and Director:2019-11-04T13:31:54+00:00

Kate is the Founder and Director of private occupational therapy consultancy KMA and lead Consultant for Equimentus Services. Qualifying as an Occupational Therapist in 1992, Kate has established a proven track record both nationally and internationally for providing exemplary levels of service to a broad range of clients and organisations within the corporate and public sectors.

The Team:2019-11-04T13:31:26+00:00

Our team of professional, highly trained and experienced Occupational Therapists are registered with and governed by the Health and Care Profession’s Council (HCPC). All are registered with the Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA) as well as being members of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT).


Have you previously engaged in a dis-jointed, multi avenue approach to health? Perhaps you’ve had a personal trainer, maybe seen a nutritionist or a homeopath, even a job coach, or life mentor? But how many of them actually talked together about what they were trying to achieve, what your ultimate goals and aims were?

Equimentus Executive Services are about collaboration, communication and therapy to help you achieve and/or maintain your optimum performance and enhance your functional potential. It’s about addressing all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing. All results are achievable and sustainable. Included in our service we:

  • Offer unsurpassed levels of support
  • Deliver outcome focused, sustainable results
  • Utilise our sound clinical knowledge and experience
  • Ensure absolute confidentiality

Our service provision incorporates the following:

Level 1 – Assessment, Summary and Recommendations2019-11-14T11:52:13+00:00
  • We take a full description of your professional role and responsibilities
  • Complete a functional needs assessment of skills, abilities and performance including medical history and background review
  • Identify risk factors and barriers inhibiting optimum function
  • Identify achievable and immediate solutions
  • Liaise where appropriate with all relevant parties
  • Provide a detailed letter summarising the consultation and recommendations for the future
Level 2 – Assessment Report and Follow-up2019-11-04T13:41:26+00:00

In addition to the Executive Services provided in Level 1, the following will be undertaken:

  • A follow up meeting (type of your choice) to discuss the report and recommendations in detail
Level 3 – Three Month Intervention Programme2019-11-05T21:57:10+00:00

This includes all the Executive Services offered in Levels 1 and 2 with the following additional elements:

  • Development of a three-month intervention plan
  • Regular contact with yourself and relevant stakeholders
  • Midway and final summary reports and recommendations
Level 4 – 360 Degree Wellbeing Management (up to six months)2019-11-04T13:40:30+00:00

This includes all the services offered in Levels 1 and 2 with the following additional elements:

  • A full 360-degree wellbeing management programme, taking into account both the professional and home environments
  • Contact with yourself as and when needed to help problem solve barriers or identify next steps
  • Regular contact with all relevant stakeholders for example executive assistants, family members, other health professionals, trainers and mentors
  • Regular summary reports

TESTIMONIALS (click to view)

Really Great Experience2019-10-29T20:42:09+00:00

“I found Kate at Equimentus to be a useful bridge, a guide if you like. I really enjoyed her frequent interaction, I especially liked the fact that I could call, text or email her to discuss issues as and when they arose. Kate was different because she never overloaded me, it was always one step at a time which really made me feel at ease, especially as she came into my life at a very difficult time. Kate always helped me to expand my thinking. Kate is lovely, friendly, and not afraid to tell you how it is. She’s very easy to get on with and I will miss her. Although I won’t be meeting with Kate anymore, the process will continue. My recovery can’t be rushed, it’s not something that just happens overnight.

I will continue with what I’ve learned from Kate, even the really simple things like remembering to breathe, remembering to pace myself, and to up my daily water intake. Overall, it’s been a really great experience. I’ve learned a lot about myself and Kate has helped by pointing out the progress I’ve made since the beginning of the intervention. I can see that I have come a long way already.”

Client, VT

Second to None Approach2019-10-29T20:43:07+00:00

“Kate at Equimentus was a great bridge between the client and I. Kate’s vocational rehabilitation is a very staggered process. I really felt supported by Kate, we would have regular contact in the form of emails and telephone calls. One of the main reasons the process was a success is down to Kate’s approach.
Kate has a key saying which is ‘you also need to look after yourself’. She reminded me to balance my time, not only solely focusing on this case but to also keep time for myself.

If ever I struggled with communication between all of us, Kate helped me see both sides. I would say Kate built a very nurturing relationship between us all, working with Kate was a pleasure. She was the glue that held us together.”


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