About KMA
Occupational Therapy

KMA was established by Kate Meads following over 20 years of practice in the public and private sectors. During this time she discovered there was a lack of knoweldge and understanding about how occupational therapy can help improve people’s lives.

Our work helps people of all ages with all kinds of physical, mental or developmental conditions to develop, regain and maintain their living and working skills. We work in a wide range of environments and use a person-centred, recovery focused approach to occupational therapy.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a healthcare profession that focuses on helping people of all ages overcome physical, mental and emotional barriers including accidents and injury to perform daily activities and improve their quality of life. Occupational therapists can work with anyone to overcome barriers to function with the goal of an individual leading a healthy and productive life.

KMA was set up with four main objectives


To provide all aspects of occupational therapy


To educate people about the benefits of using an Occupational Therapist


To deliver a high-quality service that Kate would be pleased for either herself or a member of her family to receive


To provide cost-effective and outcome-focused assessment and intervention that ensures the implementation of measurable, sustainable goals

Our service philosophy and delivery model strongly reflect these objectives:

  • ethical rehabilitation processes and practices
  • collaboration and consultation with key parties
  • maintaining dignity
  • developing trust through confidentiality and respectful relationships
  • excellent ethical and clinical reasoning skills

  • outcome-focused assessments and recommendations providing achiveable and sustainable goals.

KMA have a nationwide network of multi-skilled, experienced occupational therapy consultants who specialise in mental health, vocational rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation. We work with success in mind because we know how to optimise a person’s functional capacity in ways which will enable them to lead a health and fulfilling life.

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Here at KMA we want our clients to be empowered following accident, injury or sickness.

Early intervention is key to ensuring wellbeing.