We’re very proud of the testimonials we’ve received over the years and we are pleased to have been able to help so many people. Find out what our clients have to say about our occupational therapy services.

“KMA Occupational Therapists are highly professional and very personable. They have been able to accurately identify the root cause of my pain and provide effective and efficient treatment with excellent outcomes.”

ST, Private Client

“I have received an excellent service from Kate Meads Associates. They have always responded quickly and efficiently to requests for reports and their services. Their reports are professionally written without being too onerous.”

County Council

“KMA Occupational Therapists consistently provide an effective and efficient service in a friendly and professional manner.”

PW, Private Client

“My 10 year old daughter C was diagnosed by a Paediatrician at the age of 6 with ADHD which he then changed to an Anxiety Disorder when I queried/disagreed with his original diagnosis. However neither of these totally fitted the bill in my mind and, following a referral to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), we were still left with a highly anxious but equally angry child with challenging behaviour. I approached Kate Meads Associates on the recommendation of a friend whose daughter they had worked with.

The Occupational Therapist appointed to work with C suggested that she had sensory processing issues (something I had never heard of). She has since worked closely with us and the school to develop a programme to enable C to identify and perform self-regulating strategies. Her performance at school has significantly improved as well as her behaviour both at school and at home and her anxieties have significantly reduced. I had no idea what occupational therapy was really about until I met Kate and her team. With their help and support, C is a much happier child and our home life is so much calmer. I only wish someone had suggested occupational therapy to me sooner as Kate and her team have, quite frankly, changed our lives for the better.”

A, Parent

“My son who has social and communications problems has been seeing Kate Meads for about six months following a referral from a paediatrician and an educational psychologist. We had several reports on our son’s condition and were very concerned for a fragile, unpredictable and anxious young boy. As a couple, we knew nothing about occupational therapy but our son clicked with Kate straight away and responded positively to the programme she set up. He and we have learned so much about his arousal states and triggers and as a result, his behaviour and social issues are now much more under control. He is learning how to regulate himself with Kate’s help and trusts her implicitly. We appreciate that there is no quick fix to his condition but as a family we feel so much more positive about the way ahead.”

A, Parent