Terms & Conditions

At Kate Meads Associates Ltd, we work with success in mind. Why? Because we know there is always some way in which we can help people to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Whether it’s working with someone recovering from a traumatic life event such as an accident or severe depression, assisting a child with learning difficulties or an older person who’s had a stroke – we work in offices, homes and schools to ensure our clients maximise all aspects of their functional abilities. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals include specialists in mental health, vocational rehabilitation, learning disabilities, rehabilitation, education and catastrophic injury and we work with everyone from individuals, insurers and local health services to large companies and education authorities.


Payment is required within 14 days of invoice.


The Occupational Therapy Consultant/Assistant hereby agrees that during the course of his/her appointment he/she will maintain all aspects of confidentiality. If however the Occupational Therapy Consultant deems that the client is at risk of harm to themselves or others, contact will be made with their GP or the relevant service.