Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps people across the lifespan to participate in the activities and tasks which hold personal value for them. By taking a ‘whole person approach’ to both physical and mental health and well-being occupational therapists enable individuals to achieve their full potential.

At KMA our Occupational Therapists consider all of a person’s needs – physical, psychological and emotional, social and environmental. As university educated professionals we use assessment and intervention to develop, recover or maintain the meaningful activities (or ‘occupations’) of individuals, groups or communities.

Through the therapeutic use of everyday activities and occupations we can help to make a real difference. Whether it be a renewed sense of purpose, opening up new horizons, or changing the way a person feels about the future, Occupational Therapy can help people of all ages to overcome the effects of disability caused by illness, ageing or accident.

We believe that our daily occupations have a positive effect on our health and well-being. They create structure and organise our time. They can bring meaning to life, culturally and personally. Our daily occupations are as individual as we are and each of us values different occupations.

How our Occupational Therapists can help

Examples of the daily occupations and activities which our Occupational Therapists can help with include:

  • Activities of Daily Living: bathing, showering, dressing, toileting, eating and feeding, mobility, personal hygiene, sexual activity etc.
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living : Care of others, care of pets, child rearing, driving and community mobility, financial management and budgeting, home establishment and management, health management and maintenance, medication management, meal preparation, safety in the home, shopping, religious and spiritual activities
  • Work : employment interests and pursuits (vocational exploration), employment seeking and acquisition, job performance and retention (vocational rehabilitation), work and aging, retirement preparation and adjustment, volunteer exploration, stress at work, work-life balance
  • Education: formal education participation, additional educational needs, school-based accommodations, informal interests exploration, informal education and learning participation
  • Social participation : community, family, peers and friendships
  • Leisure: exploration and participation
  • Rest and sleep : rest, preparation for sleep, establishing and maintaining sleep routines
  • Play : exploration and participation

Settings where we conduct our assessments and interventions include: in the home, workplace, school or college, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and care facilities, community venues.

All our Occupational Therapists are highly experienced, fully insured and registered with their regulatory body, the Health and Social Care Professions Council.

For further help or assistance please call our team on 01264 326308.