Mental Health Services

At KMA we work with companies to help them deal with a variety of issues surrounding mental health in the workplace so that employees can return to work and maintain everyday life:

We  also offer Mental Health First Aid Training to give people a better understanding of mental health in the workplace.

Our highly qualified team of specialist clinicians work with people of all ages in any environment, utilising an extensive range of skills and approaches to facilitate the move towards person-centred recovery.

They are highly trained in mindfulness, interpersonal therapy, learning theory and pain management as well as other areas of mental illness. They work in conjunction with other health professionals and/or provide stand-alone treatment.

One of the most destabilising consequences of mental health issues can often be the loss of everyday structure. This is why our work often focuses on the reintroduction of routine, be it at home or in the workplace. With regular everyday activities comes a sense of purpose.

We use evidence-based practices to establish and implement realistic, achievable and sustainable goals ensuring that a solution and positive outcome is reached. By addressing mental health in the workplace, you can ensure that your employees are getting the support they need.

The ILO and WHO are committed to equal treatment and employment for workers with disabilities. These are key principles that we apply in all aspects of our service provision.

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For help or assistance please call our team on 01264 326308.