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How Happy are your Employees

How Happy are your Employees?

You may have heard of the word ‘presenteeism’, yes? It’s a hot topic right now and an issue that’s costing UK employers more than £61 billion annually.

Presenteeism is when employees are present, but their productivity is down. Have you ever come into work when you are poorly?

You aren’t alone, but this is also a form of presenteeism.

Presenteeism is a serious issue, […]

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Conversations with Kate: Vocational Rehabilitation

Q: What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

A:  Vocational rehabilitation is essentially a process to enable an individual to work. More specifically, it is a planned and guided course of action to provide the means by which a person with illness or disability can work.

As occupational therapists, we deliver vocational rehabilitation. However, we define ‘work’ in a much broader sense than is generally used in everyday language. ‘Work’ is […]

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