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The menopause, the workplace and how we can help

Menopause, the workplace and how we can help

What is the menopause?

Women at work

The menopause is a biological change that every woman will go through at some time in their life. It’s a natural, normal process that typically occurs in women in their early 50’s.

For some women, the menopause can also start earlier as it is linked to the decline of oestrogen levels. […]

Migraine Awareness Week – UK

Migraine Awareness Week

In the UK from the 2nd– 6th September is migraine awareness week.

The purpose of this week is to spread awareness of this debilitating condition.

Most of us will have experienced a migraine at some point in our lives with over 190,000 migraine attacks taking place every single day in Britain.

Quite often migraines come on very unexpectedly and without rhyme or reason, but they can often be […]

Vocational Rehabilitation for Case Managers

Returning to work: Vocational Rehabilitation for Employers and Case Managers

‘How do I successfully support an employee with their return to work when they have been off sick for some time?

How do I best maintain contact with an employee during sickness absence without being accused of pressuring them to return too soon?’

‘How do I increase employee wellbeing? Everyone seems so stressed and under pressure all the time.’

Do these questions sound familiar to you?

You may […]

How Happy are your Employees

How Happy are your Employees?

You may have heard of the word ‘presenteeism’, yes? It’s a hot topic right now and an issue that’s costing UK employers more than £61 billion annually.

Presenteeism is when employees are present, but their productivity is down. Have you ever come into work when you are poorly?

You aren’t alone, but this is also a form of presenteeism.

Presenteeism is a serious issue, […]

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Conversations with Kate: Vocational Rehabilitation

Q: What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

A:  Vocational rehabilitation is essentially a process to enable an individual to work. More specifically, it is a planned and guided course of action to provide the means by which a person with illness or disability can work.

As occupational therapists, we deliver vocational rehabilitation. However, we define ‘work’ in a much broader sense than is generally used in everyday language. ‘Work’ is […]

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