Funding for Mental Health First Aid England

Mental Health First Aid England is the only licenced provider of Mental Health First Aid in England. Their mission is simple: to train 1 in 10 of the population in England. Their vision is to normalise society’s attitudes and behaviours around mental health, by developing the skills we need to look after our own and others wellbeing.

Their website states: “Mental health education empowers people to care for themselves and others. By reducing stigma through understanding, we hope to break down barriers to the support that people may need to stay well, recover, or to manage their symptoms – to thrive in learning, work and life.”

At KMA we are mental health first aiders and instructors.

Have a read of our MHFA training page for more information.

We provide half day, one day and two-day courses to workplaces, learning centres and establishments. Mental Health First Aid England are a company we are proud to support, so much so we wrote to our local MP asking for more information on government funding for MHFA.

We wrote to our local MP regarding funding for MHFA

“He has asked me to thank you for getting in touch re MHFA in the workplace. He raised the issue with Ministerial colleagues, and this was their response: – In October 2017, the department of health and social care (DHSC) announced a £15 million programme to fund up to 1 million people through basic MHFA skills. This programme was launched in 2018 and will continue through to 2021. The Government commends the work of Mental Health First Aid England, who have trained more than 330,000 people to date.

The results of a study completed by the university of Nottingham in April 2018 found that there was a 91 per cent increase in understanding of mental health issues in workplaces that have received training from MHFA England. Moreover 64 per cent reported a reduction in stigma surrounding mental health as a result of the training. In November 2018 the Health and Safety executive (HSE) published guidance which encourages employers to train personnel in identifying and understanding symptoms and in supporting someone who might be experiencing a mental health issue. With the change in HSE guidance and the boost of funding from the department of health and social care, the culture in workplaces is already changing.”

It’s reinforcing to know the Government are beginning to take mental health and well-being more seriously and that funding has been set aside for basic mental health first aid. The work of Mental Health First Aid England is vital. They want us to break down the barriers of stigma (especially in the workplace) and encourage us to speak about our emotions. It’s okay to not be okay and if you feel able to speak with someone at work, it could be a colleague, a member of HR or even, if possible, your boss. If no one knows how you truly feel, they can’t help you. We are often scared to show any kind of vulnerability particularly in the workplace. This shouldn’t be seen as a weakness. It’s important to show vulnerability especially when it comes to your mental well-being.

Although it’s just the beginning, we as mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, employers and employees all have a duty of care to ourselves and to those around us. Sometimes all it takes is a simple ‘How are you really doing?’ for someone to feel safe enough to open up.

If you would like any more information about Mental Health First Aid England, have a read of their website

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