Stay positive, we are almost there

Here we are, the 17th January, and you know what that means…we are over halfway through the month! We’ve almost done it and now it’s time for that final push of motivation to get us out of January and into February. (One month closer to spring)

Did you read our previous blog about the January Blues?

Finding motivation can be hard. Especially when most of us repeat the same routine day in, day out.

But remembering to look at the positives is an invaluable way to stay motivated and although it is in our human nature to dwell upon the negatives, as Baz Luhrmann states in the iconic ‘Sunscreen Song’:

‘Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults.’

Writing down a list of the things you are grateful for, is a great way to see how many positives are in your life. Writing a list means you can add to it as and when and I’d recommend writing it on paper rather than in the notes on your phone.

Something else positive to mention: the days, would you believe it are getting longer. Albeit it’s only by a small amount each day, but we have passed the shortest day of the year and will be moving forward to brighter and lighter days.

Bring on the spring!

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