‘What is it that you actually do?’

‘What is it that you actually do?’ is a question I get asked a lot – by clients, by family members, by friends…

It seems that the occupational therapy profession is a mystery to most!

You see for me, as a business owner, a mum, and a practicing occupational therapist, my weeks can completely vary, no two days are ever the same. I’m always kept very busy! I wanted to share with you what my weeks can look like, so I made a diary blog for you to enjoy!

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Monday, oh Monday. School run completed, it’s now time to head into the office. The office gives me a chance to sit down with my laptop, and it’s also a nice opportunity to catch up with my colleagues. I spend the morning writing up client notes, drafting a report, I then take some phone calls and prepare for my client visit this afternoon. The afternoon then takes me out of the office and 35 miles away, to meet with an existing client for something we call ‘intervention’. Intervention refers to the therapy techniques and programs we have devised.


Today I am in London, assessing a new client – who was referred to us by an insurance company. A typical assessment will usually take around two hours. I meet with this client at their home address. An assessment is really me asking questions, taking notes and also providing some quick wins which will help the client immediately. Later that day I then write up my notes into a report and this will provide further clinical recommendations. This process can take me anywhere between four and ten hours!


I am teaching a 2-day Mental Health First Aid course in Southampton today. I’m with my lovely colleague – senior occupational therapist, and MHFA England National Trainer, Shelley Cooper. At KMA, Shelley and I will often teach 2-day Mental Health First Aid courses together. We find that when teaching these courses, we can often incorporate our vast experience and knowledge (as dual trained occupational therapists), which means we can provide useful real-life examples. Our delegates today are from a global construction company, they have been such a fantastic group of people, we’ve discussed many topics and they have asked lots of questions! We’re back again tomorrow to complete the other half of the course.

If you would like more information on our MHFA courses have a look at our page.


Shelley and I were back in Southampton, to complete the other half of the Mental Health First Aid course. The day went so quickly, the delegates were completely engaged and asked some really interesting questions! Shelley and I received some amazing feedback from both the delegates and their bosses (who had also attended the course).

They have asked us to come back and teach the same course in the new year !


Today was a rather exciting day. We work closely with a PR company, and they had secured us a slot on a regional radio show to discuss the ever changing attitudes on men’s mental health. The interview took about 30 minutes and my PA, Emily came along too!

The interview went really well, and I didn’t swear! PHEW! The car journey on the way home, involved bouncing some marketing ideas between the two of us – Podcasting, Vlogs, Instagram? Apparently, it’s all rage – I’m being told by my 21-year-old PA…

I think it’s time for a glass of wine!

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